Increasing Shareholder Value Through On-Demand Expertise

Increasing client profitability and shareholder value through business development and profit recovery, that's what we do.  We focus on only two specific areas - profitable growth and profit recovery - and deliver industry expertise through proven solutions.  These are areas that have significant impact to your profitability and long term success.

In short, we return company money to your bottom line, and provide expert, hands-on resources to grow company revenues.  On profit recovery, we get paid when you do - when funds are deposited to your company bank account or when tax credits are earned.  On profitable growth, we tie our compensation to your success.

It's a simple model and easily understood: the industry's leading minds, available on-demand, and paid on success.  This allows you to focus on what you do best - manage your business.

Leading-Edge Business Solutions On-Demand.  That's Ivy.